Final Program

The program outline is below. Full program details are available here.

The sessions will be held in RunAn and Scania Hall, respectively.
Lunch will be served in Restaurant Hyllan and in the Volvo foyer.

Tuesday, May 27

Registration at the conference site, Volvo Foyer, address Chalmersplatsen 1.
John L's Pub, 50 m from the registration desk is open 16:00-23:00.

Wednesday, May 28
08:00Registration, Volvo Foyer
08:40-09:00Opening Session, RunAn
09:00-10:00Plenary 1, RunAn
Panos J. Antsaklis, University of Notre Dame, USA
 Coffee, Volvo Foyer
10:20-12:00Session WeM1, RunAn
Supervisory Control
Session WeM2, Scania
Max-Plus Algebra and Max-Plus Systems I (invited)
 Lunch, Restaurant Hyllan
13:30-15:10Session WeA1, RunAn
SAT-solving: Implementation, Applications and Extensions (invited)
Session WeA2, Scania
Stochastic Control and Analysis
15:10-15:50Coffee, Volvo Foyer
Poster Session: Benchmarking of Software Tools
15:50-17:30Session WeE1, RunAn
Optimization of Discrete-Event and Hybrid Dynamical Systems (invited)
Session WeE2, Scania
Controller Synthesis and Implementation
18:30-19:15Welcome Reception at Lindholmen Science Park. The boat departs from Lilla Bommen (see map18:30. Either you walk there from Chalmers (approx 20 minutes), or you take public transport, tram 10 or bus 16 (same ticket on tram/bus and boat).
Thursday, May 29
08:50-10:30Session ThM1, RunAn
Confluence of Controls and Computer Science in Discrete Event Systems (invited)
Session ThM2, Scania
Max-Plus Algebra and Max-Plus Systems II (invited)
 Coffee, Volvo Foyer
11:00-12:00Plenary II, RunAn
Kim G. Larsen, Aalborg University, Denmark
 Lunch, Volvo Foyer
13:30-15:10Session ThA1, RunAn
Modeling Systems Biology from the point of view of Discrete and Hybrid Systems (invited)
Session ThA2, Scania
Control of Petri Nets
15:30-16:50Session ThE1, RunAn
Model Checking
Session ThE2, Scania
Control Applications
17:00-22:30Boat tour from Göteborg to Marstrand (2 hours) and Banquet at Carlstens Fortress. Bus transport from Chalmers main entrance to Lilla Bommen (see map) 17:00, and bus transport around 22:30 from Marstrand back to the hotels.
Friday, May 30
08:50-10:30Session FrM1, RunAn
Session FrM2, Scania
Modeling and Control
 Coffee, Volvo Foyer
11:00-12:00Plenary III, RunAn
Stephan Biller, General Motors R&D Center, Detroit, USA
 Lunch, Volvo Foyer
13:30-15:10Session FrA1, RunAn
Fault Diagnosis and Identification of Discrete Event Systems using Petri Nets (invited)
Session FrA2, Scania
Modular and Decentralized Control
15:20-15:40Closing Session, RunAn
16:00-16:20Post conference activity:
Demonstration of Chalmers Automation Lab