Info for Presenters

Please note the following information about the presentation equipment, procedures, etc.


The sessions are on a tight schedule. Please restrict your presentation to 15 minutes, so we have 4 minutes for questions and 1 minute for switching presentations.

The schedules will be followed as they are. If an author does not show up for his/her presentation, the session is paused for that presentation so that the next presentation begins on its scheduled time.

Please arrive in the session room at least five minutes before the session starts, to present yourself to the chairmen and to put your presentation file on the presentation computer.

Presentation Equipment

A PC and a beamer will be available in both session rooms. These computers will have english versions of XP/Vista, Adobe Acrobat 8 and MS Office 2007. An overhead projector will also be available.

Presentation Files Formats

We recommend that you bring your presentation as a pdf on a USB memory stick. In our excperience the pdf-format bring less problems than powerpoint or other. Fonts, formatting etc are not always the same when moving one MSOffice-file (.ppt, .xls, .doc, .docx, etc.) from one computer to another. This is seldom a problem with pdf's.

The available computers will have english versions of MS Office 2007, so if your presentation works with that on your computer, it will probably work on the presentation computer. Still, we recommend pdf

If you have special requirements not listed above, please let us know.

The WODES08 Secretariat support@wodes2008.org