General info

The PhD program prepares students to take leadership roles in academia and industrial research, in the area of Information and Communications Technology. The program is structured into two curricula of international standing:

The program, which has a length of three years, is targeted to graduate students with a Master's degree in the area of Information Engineering but is also open to students from other areas of engineering and science. The program welcomes international students.

The core of the program consists in the preparation of an independent research thesis under the supervision of a tutor (thesis supervisor). The thesis shall contain original results, representing a significant theoretical or applicative advancement of the state of art within the chosen discipline. Additionally, the students shall also fulfill the requirements set forth by the PhD School in Information Engineering of which the DRIEI is part: they include taking courses and seminars, attending scientific events, publishing papers, carrying out research periods abroad.


The program prepares for careers as researchers in highly-competitive post-doctoral positions in these areas, both in Italy and abroad: