PhD Course on

Autonomous Vehicles

Cagliari, II Half Year, 2019-2020


Mauro Fadda     (
University of Cagliari, Italy


20 hours


If you are interested in taking this course, please email me ( to indicate your availability by March 15th. According to a minimum number of participants, the course will be scheduled.


To be assigned

Course Description:

The course is an advanced research seminar for graduate students who are interested in the evolution of modern vehicles and their autonomous driving systems. The Course is mainly motivated by the automotive trend in developing new advanced intelligent system to manage the car automatically, learning from the surrounding environment (i.e., urban, sub-urban, and rural).

The topics to be covered include:  

Topic 1: modern vehicles (3 hours)

    • introduction;

    • main characteristics.

Topic 2: driving automation (5 hours)

    • General Vision

    • levels of driving automation for on-road vehicles;

    • taxonomy;

    • driving environment.

Topic 3: communication systems (4 hours)

    • clarity and stability in commmunications;

    • short-hand time and effort saving;

    • criticities.

Topic 4: standardization (4 hours)

    • roles of human drive and system by level of driving automation;

    • braking response time in case of critical/limit situations;

    • SAE, BASt, NHTSA, and other standards.

Topic 5: proof of concepts (4 hours)

Slides and reading papers will be available for downloading. The course is going to be instructed in English.


The course is worth 2.5 credits. Grades (pass/fail) will be based on a final written test.


Mauro Fadda
Dep. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
University of Cagliari, Italy