Admissions will be decided after a comparative evaluation of candidates, as indicated in the Bando di Concorso (to be published in The Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana). Deadlines are posted on the web site of the University of Cagliari, under the page PhD programmes usually in November.

In order to access a Ph.D. programme, you need a second level degree (in Italy Laurea Magistrale ex D.M. no. 270/2004, Laurea Specialistica ex D.M. no. 509/1999, or another degree awarded according to the rules previously in force) or a valid degree awarded abroad. Normally, a Ph.D. programme lasts three years.

The call and the instructions to apply are available by clicking on News and Deadlines.

The selection of candidates will be based on: 1) a written test (in Italian or English) on arguments dealing with the research projects of the School, and, 2) an oral interview.

Perspective foreign candidates are invited to send by September a short resume and two letters of presentation to the Coordinator of the PhD Program. A good knowledge of English is required for admission.

The highest ranking candidates among those admitted (as resulting from the admission list) will be awarded a fellowship and will be exempted from the payment of the annual fee. The number of fellowships varies each year.

PLEASE NOTE. If the candidate has a foreign degree whose equivalence to the Italian laurea has not been declared yet, he/she must provide all documents useful to allow the faculty members to declare the equivalence. The documents must be translated and certified by the competent Italian representatives abroad (Embassy, Consulate).